Once you create your color set, choose one of the following ways to apply the colors to the theme in your app.

Using builder

You can create an object that stores each color and use this object when initializing the theme. You will need to use this approach when using the precompiled SWC of the theme. Simply copy the code below and pass the returned value to the theme's constructor.


Editing theme's source

When using MXML and Feathers SDK, you will need to use the theme's source files and modify the default color variables. Copy the code below, open up BaseUniflatMobileTheme.as and replace the matching variables around line #100.


This preview app aims to help you visualize your custom colors for the theme, or to create a unique color set and easily export the values for use in your own app.
Simply adjust the colors on the right and click 'APPLY' to refresh the colors. You may need to click into the Flash movie in order to see the updated colors. In some cases, you may need to re-enter a corresponding screen in the app to see all the components refreshed.

Enable Adobe Flash to interact with the preview.